About ``La Taberna``

The new little sister of the Mercado de la Reina has opened its doors with the intention of recovering all the flavor and color of the old Madrid taverns.

As traditional as “La puerta del sol”, chocolate with churros or the manila shawl, our facade is dressed with a hand of red paint as a symbol of good wine and good drinking, because it’s in our blood!

Focused on tapas and sharing portions in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, its spaces are open from breakfast to dinner, flooded the Gran Vía with its colors.

The work is by interior designer Fernando Alonso. Walls tiled to the ceiling, hand-painted tiles, marbles on the bars…

“La taberna de la Reina” seeks to return to the origins of the taverns of Madrid with the red color you saw her, the variety of textures, the “cañí”, the large mirrors, the ceilings with false coffered ceilings. And the posters, painted by hand, where we saw the silhouettes and the color of what these places offered us.

To all this, we wanted to print our particular stamp, from orange chairs, to pigs grazing on the roofs…

The kitchen

Madrid cuisine

Traditional cuisine, well made, that claims Madrid, with unbeatable products of the region and elaborations that have been rescued from the dishes that were made at home.

A journey through the best of tradition, which also opens to the rest of the Spanish geography, collecting the wide variety of products and elaborations of our cuisine such as oxtail or Madrid tripe.

The desserts also transport us to the grandmother’s kitchen like the old-fashioned cheese cake with quince and honey, the rice with milk or the mythical chocolate with churros.

The large bar

The large bar with its area of tables and high chairs where eat tapas. It is the perfect place to visit at snack time, take a cane or a vermouth, eat tapas or enjoy a break in the bustling Gran Vía.


Gran Vía Room

A spacious lounge with chairs and colored tables, perfect for a casual meal in a fun environment.

It joins La Dehesa room through an area of ​​Delicatessen where all products are cut at the moment.


La Dehesa Room

The room that overlooks Reina Street where we wanted to make a nod to the Spanish pasture, with a family of pigs in real size grazing under an oak.


Daniel Larios Lerín


Catalan made from Madrid, I started my journey in the kitchen of the Albatros restaurant advised by Martin Berasategui where I set the basis of the kitchen. After being in Las Rejas de Manolo de la Osa and the terrace of the Casino de Paco Roncero I gain experience directing the kitchen of El pirata de Tapas Londres or Mamacampo Madrid to end in El Mercado de la Reina with whom I had already worked. Currently, in front of La Parrilla de la Reina, I seek to transmit the gastronomic heritage acquired since I was a child in traditional Madrid, making a traditional cuisine in which the details are taken care of.